Corporate Risk

As businesses grow and evolve, their insurance needs do too. That’s why, at Howard, we don’t just think about “today” when developing solutions for corporate risk—we work to understand the larger growth trajectory and offer creative insurance solutions that keep organizations, and their bottom lines, protected long into the future.

Private Client

Spanning personal assets, collections, and any liabilities that our clients may face, our private client work begins with an analysis of personal priorities. Once we understand the outcomes our client desires, we develop extraordinarily high-quality insurance programs designed for superior protection and peace of mind.  

Life Insurance

Our clients aren’t simply building businesses, collections, and personal wealth. They’re building legacies. When we work with them, we work to understand the breadth of their success and their wishes for the future, and develop insurance solutions that ensure that families are secure and investments are protected. 

Howard Insurance is proud to be an Owner Firm of Lion Street, Inc., a leading national financial services company owned by fiercely independent insurance advisors. Based in Austin, Texas, Lion Street comprises an elite network of Firms who specialize in financial solutions for high-net-worth individuals, family offices, business owners, and corporate clients. Lion Street Firms gain favored access to insurance carriers and financial institutions, and the products and services they offer, enhancing our ability to meet the complex planning requirements of our clients.

Real Estate

Insuring properties—especially those with tenants, and/or unique liabilities—can be complex. That’s why, when we work in real estate, we begin by analyzing the realities of the space(s), and partner with a variety of carriers to create programs that prevent unnecessary exposure and minimize risk while protecting our clients’ investments. 

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