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Client interest above all else

Businesses. Assets. Properties. Private Collections. Legacies. At Howard, we secure lifetimes of ambition and effort. We do it by creating long-term relationships with our clients, and using our expertise to exceed their expectations in innovative, transparent ways. 

Since our inception by George C. Howard in 1945, we have worked to deliver nothing but the very best outcomes and, in striving for true client advocacy, we’ve challenged ourselves to continuously evolve, just as our clients’ interests do. Building from that foundation of thinking forward, we provide entirely individualized strategies for protecting what’s important—today and tomorrow.

We stand united in our commitment to create a diverse and inclusive workplace where our team can achieve their fullest potential while providing the highest-level client experience.  Embracing differences enriches our perspectives, enhances our creativity, and strengthens our collective resolve. Howard fosters an inclusive culture built upon a shared dedication to each other by cultivating an environment where every voice is heard, every idea is valued, and every individual is empowered. We believe that diversity is not just welcomed but celebrated, encouraging our team members to be their authentic selves. Our mission at Howard is adynamic and evolving commitment that extends to our employees, clients, service partners, and the broader communities we serve. We hold an unwavering promise to support and uplift those who have long been underrepresented and underserved.   

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Our Values


Empathetic Service

By understanding our clients,
we can truly serve them. 


Professional reliability

We deliver on every promise
to ensure our clients thrive.


Personal Commitment

Our business is protecting livelihoods—and we take it seriously. 


Embracing Diversity

Different perspectives create
new opportunities. 

Between our business and our family’s ever-changing needs, feeling that we were adequately protected had always been a challenge. But since we’ve begun working with Howard, all of that has changed.
– Life Insurance Client
What Howard does for its clients is absolutely essential. And what they do with us—financial advisors—equally so. As partners, we work together to ensure that futures are bright and legacies are preserved.
– Partner
After a pivot, I had a suspicion that our business was exposed to new risks, so I brought in Howard. Immediately, they identified major coverage gaps and created custom policies to cover our needs. Thanks to them, we’re protected now.
– Corporate Client

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