Let’s face it. We all have ‘stuff.’ Some of it is valuable, and we know it by looking at it—art, crystal, jewelry, even that top-of-the-line espresso machine that managed to sneak its way into your home during COVID. What would happen if you woke up one day and that ‘stuff’ was gone? Or, more realistically, you misplaced your watch, or the canvas of your new painting was punctured by a careless viewer. How would you replace it? Could you replace it?

Lisa Gelles and Lee McWhirter joined Artifcts earlier this month for an enlightening discussion on all things insurance, and specifically, how to protect your ‘stuff’ from the chaos and mayhem that is life. Life happens, and sadly our ‘stuff’ may fall victim to things beyond our control.

Do you think you know all the answers about how to best protect the financial value of the ‘stuff’ you hold dear? Test your knowledge with our Fact or Fiction quiz, and then see what the experts have to say. (Hint: Answers are at the bottom of the article!)

1.      I need an appraisal to insure an item separate from my homeowner's policy.

2.     My homeowner's policy will pay to replace items even if my jewelry, antiques, silver or fine art has appreciated in value.

3.      All homeowners' policies are the same and include the coverage for everything in my home.

4.     Coverage for my personal trust is automatically included in my homeowner's policy.

5.     All homeowners' policies include coverage for mysterious disappearance included.

6.     My personal property coverage is worldwide.

7.      Coverage for my personal property includes water damage, hurricanes and floods.

8.     There is no deductible for losses to my personal property.

9.     Filing a claim for my personal property will not impact my homeowner's premium.

10.   Mysterious disappearance coverage is included in valuables policies.

As the fact-fiction quiz reveals, picking the right policy or combination of policies is critical to protecting your ‘stuff,’ and worth a conversation with your agent. Watch the video replay for the full details behind each of these fact or fiction questions.


If something were to happen to your ‘stuff,’ you would need proof that you not only owned the item, but also what condition it was in if filing for replacement value. Maintain photos and other important documentation, including receipts, certificates of authenticity, and appraisals, to ensure that filing a claim is seamless. No more digging around for documentation during already stressful moments of loss.

Storage and location are important when thinking about how to protect your ‘stuff.’ Store things in a dry place, avoid unnecessary sunlight or other elemental exposure.


·       1. Fiction

·       2. Fiction

·       3. Fiction

·       4. Fiction

·       5. Fiction

·       6. Depends

·       7. Fiction

·       8. Fact

·       9. Fiction

·       10. Fact


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